Get Up Out The Mud

Get Up Out The Mud

"Get Up Out the Mud!" is not just a slogan, it’s a mindset. A mindset built on finding the will and the courage and the strength to confront and conquer Life’s adversities. "Get Up Out the Mud!" means that when Life knocks you down into the muck, you find the will to lift yourself up and climb out of the sludge of Life’s worst circumstances. We all have a "Get Up Out The Mud!" story. Here’s where you can witness mine.

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Everyone has a story. Some know how to tell it, some don't want to tell it, and some want to share it but can't. I use my story that is filled with tribulations, hardships, and triumphs to help the youth in our world not only dodge pitfalls, but also help them develop the skills needed to overcome adversities that we all go through.

From the streets, to prison, to a successful real estate agent and proud father, I have been through the grind of life. I enjoy philanthropy and turning my negatives into someone else's positive. When I say ‘where real estate meets community’... I really mean it!


"He is a hard working, honest, go getter who takes care of his clients with care and professionalism"

- Rob Garrison
Loan Office/Branch Manager at Michigan Mortgage


Giving Others Opportunities



As a child I ran into some hardships that I couldn’t battle on my own. Then I met an English teacher in my freshman year at Wyoming Park High School. He helped me rebound from my mistakes and guided me to a productive and satisfying life. Unfortunately, he lost his battle to cancer. I started the Pullen & Lambers Memorial Scholarship Fund as a way to repay him, to help mentor kids, start youth programs, and to provide money for scholarships. It’s my way of saying "Thank You".


Where Real Estate Meets Community

I hold the Lakeshore area deep in my heart. It’s one of the most beautiful regions in the country, and it’s home to a welcoming community. I’ve lived in worked in the area for years, so I can help you find the perfect home and neighborhood for you and your family!

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Get Up Out The Mud
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Where Real Estate Meets Community