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If you’re searching for a great real estate value in the Grand Haven area, I can help. I live and work in West Michigan and know that the homes for sale in Grand Haven are among the nicest anywhere, whether it’s an MLS listing or home for sale by owner. With so many wonderful houses for sale, l’ll help you find the ideal home for you and your family, right here in beautiful Grand Haven.

Grand Haven, MI

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2,014.0 2,014.0 2,015.0 2,015.0 2,016.0 2,016.0 2,017.0 2,017.0 2,018.0 2,018.0 2,019.0 2,019.0 2,020.0 2,020.0 Year Avg Listing Price

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2,014.0 2,014.0 2,015.0 2,015.0 2,016.0 2,016.0 2,017.0 2,017.0 2,018.0 2,018.0 2,019.0 2,019.0 2,020.0 2,020.0 Year 200,000 200,000 220,000 220,000 240,000 240,000 260,000 260,000 280,000 280,000 300,000 300,000 Avg Buying Price

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        Must See Grand Haven Destinations

        Grand Haven

        Grand Haven South Pier

        If you’re strolling down the two and a half mile long boardwalk, you’ll end your walk at the historic Grand Haven South Pier. Situated between the Grand Haven State park beach and the end of the Grand River channel, this mighty pier protrudes into the lake and features two historic lighthouses. The inner lighthouse was first lit in 1839, and residents and tourists alike have been mesmerized by these beautiful red beacons ever since.

        The pier is a hot spot for fishing and catching the beautiful Lake Michigan sunset. During the evening, you can marvel at its lighted catwalk. The Grand Haven lighthouses are two of the most famous in the Midwest, a mecca for Great Lakes and lighthouse enthusiasts. The pier is also a treat in the winter, where you can find the lighthouses covered in layers of ice after a winter storm.

        Grand Haven

        Rosy Mound Natural Area

        If you’re looking to avoid crowds on your trip to the beach, the Rosy Mound Natural Area is the place for you. This idyllic site allows you to get closer to nature, where beautiful dunes are greeted by lush, green forests and the crashing waves of Lake Michigan.

        A winding trail runs through the woods and beach, spanning almost three quarters of a mile from the entrance to the lake. The trail may be strenuous at times, but you can stop for a rest on one of the many benches found throughout the area. There are picnic tables and grills, so families can enjoy a hearty picnic on a breezy summer evening. Various stairways and decks along the trail offer scenic views of Lake Michigan worthy of a “Pure Michigan” ad. The Rosy Mound is a popular area for jogging, hiking, and swimming.

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