I’ve been through many travels in life. Growing up on the southeast side of Grand Rapids made me resilient and appreciative for what hard work can do for an individual. Life is not easy though and in my teen years I found myself in a trouble with the law. I was living a life of bouncing house to house, spells of homelessness, and drug and alcohol abuse.

In those years I met a teacher at my high school by the name of Richard Pullen (RP). He was a person I trusted, loved and cared for very much. With my legal troubles I was sentenced to a 5 to 15 years in prison and my entire life was in the balance. RP stuck close with me through all the years locked away and pumped me full of positivity, hope and love. Upon my release he began helping me piece together my life, continually pushing me to be better each day.

I was blessed to find my way into the real estate world. It’s something that I’m truly passionate about. I love the people aspect, the sales and marketing, and of course the freedom. It really helped me rebound in a major way. Shortly after getting my real estate career going RP was diagnosed with colon cancer and later died of the disease.

I was heartbroken and lost. I didn’t know how to thank him the way I felt he deserved, until I got the idea to start a non profit organization and scholarship endowment in his name. This would honor him and help a lot of kids the way he helped me. I named it the Richard Pullen Foundation and from that organization we funded the RP Scholarship, a 50K endowment to Wyoming and Muskegon public schools. I donate 10% of all my commissions to the fund annually to assure the fund is continuously growing. I’m living all my passions!

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