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As a child I ran into some hardships that I couldn’t battle on my own. Then I met an English teacher in my freshman year at Wyoming Park High School. He helped me rebound from my mistakes and guided me to a productive and satisfying life. Unfortunately, he lost his battle to cancer. I started the Pullen & Lambers Foundation as a way to repay him, to help mentor kids, start youth programs, and to provide money for scholarships. It’s my way of saying "Thank You". I named it the Pullen & Lambers Foundation and from that organization we funded the RP Scholarship, a 50K endowment to Wyoming and Muskegon public schools. I donate 10% of all my commissions to the fund annually to assure the fund is continuously growing. I’m living all my passions!

Donations fund the RP Memorial Scholarship, which helps kids find a better life through higher education. You can help a child in need today and change their life forever. Click the button below to donate.

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Backspin party is the Pullen & Lambers Foundation’s biggest fundraiser each year. Bringing in crowds of 500-600 people, this party brings in revenue streams substantial enough to fund mentorship and youth sports programs, as well as fund scholarships to students looking to higher their education. Centered around an 80s and 90s hip-hop and R&B vibe, this party brings people together in Grand Rapids to raise money and to network on a high energy level. 100% of proceeds go into the fund, split between Wyoming and Muskegon public schools.


Gear Up For a Good Cause

RP Scholarship and Backspin merchandise is strictly for fundraising. 100% of the profits go directly to the Richard Pullen Foundation. So grab some merchandise and know that all the money is helping someone out in a community near you!

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